Several unions promoting equality exist at Winchester. Four of these are shown to be based at the Armstrong-Parker House and consist of both main characters and recurring characters.

The differences among these fictional groups mirror the way people in real life handle social issues.

For example, the BSU and Black AF are aligned with more active efforts often associated with movements like "Black Lives Matter," though the BSU is said to be much more effective while Black AF is superficial. CORE and the AASU are aligned with creating change from the inside and "respectability politics." It appears that, like Black AF, the AASU is viewed as superficial. In fact, it took Pastiche's notorious blackface party for AASU member Kelsey to even notice the racism on campus.

Quotes Edit

"Black Caucus is when the different black student unions at Winchester get together for a completely masturbatory and pointless pissing contest under the guise of unity."
-- Sam to Lionel for his interview[src]
"Held during lunchtime at Armstrong-Parker once a month because nobody wants to make room on their schedule."
-- Reggie to Lionel for his interview[src]


Winchester Student Unions
Black Caucus

African-American Student UnionBlack American ForumBlack Student UnionCoalition of Racial Equality

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