Volume One of Dear White People premiered on April 28, 2017, on Netflix.


Continuing the events from the indie movie of the same name, Season One of Dear White People tells the stories within the perspectives of characters like Samantha White, a biracial activist whom is dating Gabriel Mitchell, Lionel Higgins, a shy and quiet student with internal conflicts, Colandrea Conners, a dark-skinned woman that peserves her blackness, Reginard Green, a proud activist that deals with personal trauma, and Troy Fairbanks, the golden boy to a successful and powerful dean.


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Image Title Director Writer Air Date Number
DearWhitePeople Chapter01
Chapter I Justin Simien Justin Simien April 28, 2017 1x01
As college radio host Samantha White leads the outcry over a blackface party on campus, a revelation about her love life puts her in an awkward spot.
DearWhitePeople Chapter02
Chapter II Justin Simien Justin Simien April 28, 2017 1x02
Buoyed by his front-page story on the party, shy reporter Lionel begins to come out of his shell and embrace his true identity.
DearWhitePeople Chapter03
Chapter III Tina Mabry Chuck Hayward April 28, 2017 1x03
Golden boy Troy schmoozes his way around campus at his dad's behest, campaigning for Student Body President. But his smile hides nagging doubts.
DearWhitePeople ChapterIV
Chapter IV Tina Mabry Njeri Brown April 28, 2017 1x04
As Coco gears up for an exclusive soiré, a fight with Sam stirs up memories of their friendship -- and the differences that drove them apart.
DearWhitePeople ChapterV
Chapter V Barry Jenkins Chuck Hayward
Jack Moore
April 28, 2017 1x05
Friends drag Reggie out on the town to stop him from brooding over the revolution and Sam's new beau. But the night takes a harrowing turn.
DearWhitePeople ChapterVI
Chapter VI Steven Tsuchida Leann Bowen April 28, 2017 1x06
Shell-shocked, Sam and company plan a protest against the campus police, while Reggie finds his own way to process the ordeal.
DearWhitePeople ChapterVII
Chapter VII Nisha Ganatra Jack Moore April 28, 2017 1x07
Picking up on the chemistry between Sam and Reggie, Gabe obsesses over the state of his relationship -- and makes a startling confession to Joelle.
DearWhitePeople ChapterVIII
Chapter VIII Charlie McDowell Nastaran Dibai April 28, 2017 1x08
To show just how pervasive Winchester's race problems are, Lionel sets out to write a feature on Troy and makes some unexpected discoveries.
DearWhitePeople ChapterIX
Chapter IX Nisha Ganatra Chuck Hayward
Jack Moore
April 28, 2017 1x09
Coco jumps at the chance to join Troy at a party for wealthy donors, but the evening leaves her questioning his priorities.
DearWhitePeople Chapter10
Chapter X Justin Simien Justin Simien April 28, 2017 1x10
With tensions running high before the town hall, Sam tries to patch up her relationship, Coco steals Troy's thunder, and Lionel makes a bold move.


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