The Independent is one of the college newspaper outlets mentioned in the Netflix series Dear White People.

"This paper is independent of Winchester because it's paid for by its founders, the Hancocks."
Silvio to Lionel[src]

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Ebony & Ivy: Total DisharmonyEdit

--by Lionel Higgins Winchester Independent

We live in a post-racial society. We elected our first black president twice, so racism is a thing of the past. America was built on the premise that all men were created equal. What are these assertions have in common? First, they're bullshit. Second, they project naive optimism about the existence of a level playing field in our country. Third, they belittle and seek to erase from history the traumatic experiences of the oppressed. Bold statements? Indeed.


--by Lionel Higgins Winchester Independent

But a system that requires perfection in exchange for equality is untenible and unjust. So unjust, Troy can only bemoan, "sometimes I just want to pack up all my stuff in the middle of the night, throw away my phone, and just leave...."
Some of us voted for Troy as an easy remedy for the problem of racism at Winchester.

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