Thane Lockwood is a student seen in Season One of Dear White People. He attends Winchester University and is well-known jock around campus. He is played by Brett Daugherty.


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Dear Black People

Thane attended the Dear Black People party, having drunk. He briefly encountered Coco Conners and assumed she was wearing paint on her face. Wiping his finger against her cheek, he chuckled and gasped before moving amongst the other attendees.[1]


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Death and Legacy

The next morning, Thane's body is discovered by several other students, including Clifton. Clifton relayed to Troy and Neika that he witnessed Lockwood heavily drinking and attempt to "fly" from the upper deck of the boat, dying from impact on the ground.[2]

In response to his grief, Clifton rallied a protest to prevent heavy drinking at Winchester. His protest, however, clashed alongside the Black Student Union's protest to prevent racial altercations with campus police.[3]



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