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Joelle Brooks is a character on the Netflix original series Dear White People. She is portrayed by Ashley Blaine Featherson in the TV adaptation.

Character Edit

Joelle is an outspoken, sharp, ambitious, and loyal student who, like Sam, is proud to be a black activist. Although she is initially upset with Sam for hiding her relationship with Gabe in Chapter I, she forgives her friend and tries her best to support her. Joelle is generally uninvolved directly with relationship conflict in the series, but listens to Sam and Reggie when they need someone to vent to. Often Joelle sets aside her own desires (like her crush on Reggie) in favor of helping her friends.

Story Edit

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Quotes Edit

  • "Suck it, Reagan. I'm still here. And please know that I will be showing up on McRib day in a Shirley Chisholm T-Shirt sans internal conflict."

—Joelle to Sam[src]

Trivia Edit

  • Joelle expressed a desire to lose her "sophomore 16" and be "waist thin and ass thick" in Chapter I. She went about this by watching videos from "this white bitch in Texas," Marian Updike (founder of the "Think Slim" online course).
  • In Chapter I Joelle admitted to have been "secretly streaming The Cosby Show" and felt guilty about it, but she praised Bill Cosby for being a comedic genius despite his sexual assault allegations.

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