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Gabe Mitchell is a character on the Netflix original series Dear White People. He is portrayed by John Patrick Amedori in the TV adaptation and by Justin Dobies in the original film.

Character Edit

Gabriel Mitchell is shown to be a supportive ally to the black students of Winchester University, though since dating Sam, has become quick to become public about his love for her. Though he has lived privilegedly, he has hoped to contribute to the Black Caucus's causes.

He has, however, had some minor tendencies to become outspoken against some of the dialogue exchanges reduced to thoughts. After phoning the campus police and nearly leaving Reggie shakened and afraid, Gabe has gradually become distant, making attempts to hide what had been done. With the publication of his call in the Independent, the Black Caucus have redirected their eyes away from him and forced him to be shunned from Sam and others.

Story Edit

Secret Relations Edit

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Defamation Wednesday Edit

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Party Interrupted Edit

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Prep-Rally Preparations Edit

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Becoming the Outcast Edit

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Quotes Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Gabe is from the state of New Hampshire. Milo and Vanessa tease that his parents have been supporters of the Bushes. (Chapter VI)

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