Chapter V is the fifth episode of Season One on Netflix series Dear White People. It follows the perspective of Reggie Green after the events of the movie by the same name.


Friends drag Reggie out on the town to stop him from brooding over the revolution and Sam's new beau. But the night takes a harrowing turn.


Reggie works out an app that allows people to vote whom they deem to be "woke" or "not woke." He performs a test run of the app with Al, Sam, and Joelle in his dorm room: a not woke Coco Conners, a woke Reggie Green, and one Cosby Samantha White. Sam, then, states that the idea for the app originated from her last Dear White People rant, saying that Reggie "Steve Jobs'd" her. [...]

In the lounge, Reggie watches a television show hosted by Derena (a parody of Iyanla Fix My Life). Eventually, he returns to Joelle and Al, whom speak to Kelsey. They ask what she was doing, to which she replies that they are having a cook-in. She adds that she has a "therapy" dog due to the underlying racism on campus.






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  • This episode marks a turning point in the season.
  • Reggie creates a woke/not woke app.
  • Joelle's in love with Reggie





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