Armstrong Parker House is one of the residential housing dorms at Winchester University on Netflix series 'Dear White People.


The Armstrong-Parker House is well known to be the house for many of the black students on the campus of Winchester.


Student Body
Armstrong-Parker House

AbigailAlJoelle BrooksChariseCoco ConnersElizabethTroy FairbanksReggie GreenLionel HigginsKarenKordellKelsey PhilipsTraceySamantha White

Bechet House
Chad TownsendDanielleEmilyMuffy Tuttle

Blakey Graduate House
Gabe Mitchell

Garmin House
Kurt Fletcher

Gershet House

AddisonAnnieRashid BakrBeccaBrookeConnerJamesJoshThane LockwoodMeharMikoMiloNelsonPaigeSabrinaSilvioTanikaVanessa

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